Are you ready to homeschool with confidence and joy?

It is possible!

God created your family with purpose. He knit your family together (birth, foster, and/or adoption) with intention. God knew the challenges you and your children would encounter, and he has uniquely equipped you to handle them. You were made for this!

You have been teaching your children since the day they joined your family. You CAN be your children’s best teacher. And you CAN homeschool with confidence and joy.

You can have a triumphant homeschool!

Coaching is Your Fastest Way Forward

  • determine if homeschooling is a good fit for your family
  • clarify your homeschool, family, or personal goals
  • overcome fear, guilt, and shame about your parenting and educational choices
  • make decisions with confidence
  • eliminate obstacles preventing you from finding joy in your situation

All in a Homeschool Day Podcast

The All in a Homeschool Day Podcast is not about finding the right curriculum or doing all the right things. It is about helping you focus on the best for your homeschool and your family so you can homeschool with confidence and joy!

Crystal is a national speaker, podcast host, certified life coach, and home educator. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother, and child of God.

Through her courses and masterclasses, coaching services, and encouraging homeschool podcast, Crystal inspires a practical, realistic, and attainable sense of “Wow, I really can do this!” for hundreds of homeschool parents.

She proves that by letting go of the “I need to do it all mentality” and focusing on your priorities, even the newest homeschool parents can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt and homeschool with confidence and joy.

You can homeschool with confidence and joy!

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