Geography Studies for a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Is it possible to teach geography in a way that furnishes
your child’s mind with ideas and his imagination with pictures,
without overwhelming your schedule?

Yes! It can be done!

A Panoramic View of Geography: Geography Studies for a Charlotte Mason Homeschool teaches you how to incorporate Charlotte Mason’s principles into your geography studies and how to inspire your child to learn about other cultures and places.

Do you wonder how you will fit yet another subject into your already busy homeschool week?

Geography studies do not need to be time-consuming or difficult to plan! 

They can be fun and something you can study together as a whole family.

In fact, in less than an hour a week you can expose your children to people and cultures around the world. You can expand their horizons to help them develop an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity in our world.

I wanted a step-by-step plan for geography studies.

Our first exposure to geography studies was through a map skills book. It covered the necessary skills but it was dry and boring. Neither my daughter nor I enjoyed it. After only a handful of lessons I ditched that book and started looking for a different solution.

Then I read Charlotte Mason's thoughts on teaching geography and it sounded lovely. Her students were exposed to many different cultures through living books. They learned where countries were located with map drill. Their geography studies were rich and furnished them with ideas and beautiful pictures. I wanted that kind of geography studies for my own children.

So I read everything I could find in The Original Homeschooling Series about teaching geography. I summarized it in what became A Panoramic View of Geography and made a step-by-step guide of what to include in geography studies each term. What was once difficult and overwhelming to plan suddenly became possible and enjoyable.

Instead of daily or weekly lesson plans, we now approach geography studies as an adventure. We read living books, explore websites together, cook authentic meals, and plan digital field trips. I have a basic outline we follow for each country but leave a lot of room for following rabbit trails.

Because I no longer focus on covering basic geography skills but instead focus on exposing my children to many different cultures and ideas, they have learned to see the world through a different lens. They realize now how blessed they are and have a desire to serve others. They appreciate the diversity of landscapes around the world. And they are able to recognize other countries mentioned in books.

You, too, can experience rich geography studies with your students!

What others have to say

If you are looking for a way to add geography to your academic routine in an organic way, this is it. A Panoramic View of Geography is chock full of ideas and instructions on how to incorporate geography easily with any age student.

Heather Woodie

Blog, She Wrote

As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, geography has been a subject I have had a hard time working into our studies. Each time I've tried to add it in, the task seems daunting. I'm a busy homeschooling mom of three kids. I need information in small, practical, easy-to-use steps. I don't have time to read a 200 page epic on why and how I need to add geography to my homeschool. I need a quick guide that I can read in an hour with the information laid out for me in easy to follow steps. This book has that. This guide has everything I need to implement geography as a living study into our homeschool in a way that is simple and stress-free.

One book can help you plan years of geography studies.

Instead of purchasing a different curriculum each year, this simple teacher's guide can help you plan geography studies year after year. 

The suggestions in the book will grow with your children as their understanding and ability matures.

You will spend about one hour (or less) planning the whole year's geography studies.

Your children will spend about one hour per week independently or together completing geography studies.

Rich, engaging geography studies without overwhelming your schedule.

If you prefer, you can purchase a printed or Kindle version through Amazon (affiliate links).

In our busy homeschool I appreciate having practical tips on how to easily and effectively study geography. Whether it is introducing the concept of navigation on a family trip or taking a geography walk, we are sure to find ideas to spark the curiosity of geography in our homeschool with Crystal's book.

Jen Dunlap

Forever, For Always, No Matter What

Geography is so much more than dry facts about the resources, economy, and populations of places around the world, or learning definitions of land forms and habitats. It is a living subject full of interesting and meaningful information that can help shape our children's view of the world and their worldview. This book is the perfect tool for discovering how to make geography a living subject for our students.

Jenny Ranum

About the Book

Each chapter examines a different aspect of geography studies including:

  • why studying geography is important.
  • how to study geography with preschool-aged children.
  • how to create a global atmosphere in your home.
  • the benefits of a geography walk.
  • how to learn about places in a way that is vivid and alive.
  • helping your child master map and navigation skills.
  • incorporating current events in an age-appropriate way.

Plus! Bonus Digital Downloads

Both the print and digital versions include these additional resources as a digital download:

  • Geography: The World Is Your Classroom MP3 workshop
  • Bookmark of geography narration ideas
  • Bookmark of ideas to incorporate maps with literature readings
  • Panoramic Travel Log Book
  • Suggestions for using narration with geography studies
  • Directions for planning a digital field trip
  • Virtual trip planning checklist
  • Planning pages to plan geography studies for any location
  • Sample schedule of geography studies
  • Suggestions for using technology to enrich geography studies.
  • Living geography book list with over 100 book suggestions for all ages

If you prefer, you can purchase a printed or Kindle version through Amazon (affiliate links).

Crystal provides the inspiration and ideas you need to get your child started learning geography. With the inspiration in this book your kids will realize geography does not have to be just memorizing country names and capitals.

If you've ever wondered where in the world to begin with teaching geography, A Panoramic View of Geography is for you. You don't have to settle for a dry, boring textbook! This book contains dozens of practical tips and resources to help you create a learning experience that will spark a genuine love of geography in your child.


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