You’re a homeschool parent, and you desperately want to make this work.

You care deeply about your children, and you want the best education for them.

You also value your relationship with your children and want to enjoy your homeschool days.

But there’s just so much to do. And you have questions. How do you know what to do next? You want someone to shine a light on your path so you will know where to step next.

Take a deep breath! You’re in the right place.

I’m Crystal Wagner, and I help parents homeschool with confidence and joy. 

As a certified life coach and with over 13 years of homeschooling experience, I can support you on your homeschool journey.

Early in our homeschool journey, I found a support group that met monthly. It was a safe place to learn from homeschool moms who were a little ahead of me on the journey. 

  • I could ask questions when I encountered problems. 
  • I could share my joys and frustrations about our homeschool day.
  • I heard about the mistakes others made so I could try to avoid them! (And make my own instead.)

The support group became the lifeline that kept me going on difficult days. And now, I have the privilege of supporting other homeschool parents. You are not alone! We’re in this together.

A few things that I love include:

  • Reading books – lots and lots of them.
  • Researching and finding great resources. 
  • Organizing and making lists.
  • Sharing what I know and find with others.

And I get to incorporate all of that into posts and podcasts for the Triumphant Learning community. Join the community by entering your email below.

    A few other things I enjoy are:

    • Traveling with my family.
    • Playing with our golden doodle, Clifford.
    • Drinking flavored coffee with a splash of milk while reading my Bible first thing in the morning when the house is quiet.

    And that brings me to what I value most – relationships! My relationship with God influences everything I do, at home and on Triumphant Learning. You’ll also hear about my family as I share about our adventures (and sometimes misadventures). 

    Having a clear vision of why you homeschool helps you persevere through challenges. Here are five reasons why we homeschool.

    I am also grateful for the Triumphant Learning community. You are rarely far from my thoughts. I often write down stories, examples, and illustrations from our homeschool day and life in general that I can share with you in my emails, podcast episodes, or workshops. 

    And honestly, my children do too! It’s not uncommon for them to tell me about an idea they had of how I could help homeschool families. It makes my heart swell with gladness to know that it’s a family affair around here to serve you.

    I’d love for you to join the Triumphant Learning community!


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