Holly reminds us of how important it is to create an atmosphere where the whole family can find joy. She knew homeschooling would be the best fit for her son. He is uniquely made and homeschooling would allow her son to have a unique education that fits him. What she didn’t realize was how much she would learn and how much she would enjoy it too.

Why do I homeschool? My son is uniquely made. I wanted him to have a unique education that fits him and his needs.

What we talked about

  • The pivotal moment she realized why she wanted to homeschool. She didn’t realize until that moment how much she did not know about her son.
  • How less is actually more. And how she learned to back off and not plan so much. She realized the foundation was more important than the amount of work they completed.
  • Blessings her family sees as a result of homeschooling including learning to turn limitations into strengths, taking advantage of flexibility to adjust routines for the needs of her children, and how much she is learning about each of her children.
  • How she recharges as a mom with a busy household. She has learned that making time to exercise is actually a blessing for the whole family.
  • How she felt ill-equipped to educate her inquisitive son. And how she learned to overcome those feelings of inadequacy.
  • What she realized she did not need when she started homeschooling. Hint: learning does not take place within four walls.
  • What is working better for her preschool-aged son than the curriculum.

What advice would you give to a new homeschool mom?

Take it slow and steady.

Less is more.

Find support.

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