Learning geographical features doesn't have to be hard!

Learn them as you would trees, flowers, or birds...

When reading a book or taking a nature walk you can look up trees, flowers, or birds that you see but do not know in a field guide.

Now you can do the same for geographical features!

How the Geography Field Guide was developed...

We often went on nature walks and looked up trees, plants, or birds we saw. As we learned the names in this organic way we were able to increase our knowledge about the world. The next time we went on a walk we were able to identify more and more species.

I discovered this happened with our readings as well. If we read about a species with which we were not familiar, we looked it up. Seeing the picture helped us to later recognize and identify it in nature or the next time we read about it in a book.

I I searched for a field guide that would allow us learn geographical features the same way. All I could find was a large wall poster. While this was helpful when we were reading a book, it was still inconvenient due to it's size. Plus, we could not take it with us on a nature walk.

After deciding we needed a field guide of geographical features that was small and portable, I designed the Geography Field Guide. The simple and clear images help us identify geographical features we encounter around town and in books.

It's amazing how many features you will find in your own neighborhood!

Great for all ages!

  • No need to geographical features in isolation. Learn them in context while taking a walk or reading a book in the comfort of your own home.
  • Continue learning your entire life! Whether you are six or sixty, you will be able to identify new features easily. 

About the Geography Field Guide

  • 112 geographical terms defined
  • Clear and simple visual in context
  • Available as a printed book or an e-book

Printed Book

  • Laminated pages to protect them from the elements
  • 5” x 7” size is perfect for a backpack
  • Spiral bound so it opens flat


  • Works great on a tablet or smartphone!


Learn what activities you can do on a geography walk so you bring geography to life!