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Do you wish your days were calmer and less chaotic?
Would you like to set the tone of your home instead of reacting to situations?
Are you ready to develop deeper relationships with your children?

You CAN cultivate a thriving home atmosphere!

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On this podcast, you’ll find practical solutions to set you free from unrealistic expectations. My mission is to help you cultivate a thriving home atmosphere by getting control of your days, managing your emotions, cultivating relationships, and training your children.

If you‘re ready to take a deep breath and cultivate a thriving home atmosphere, you‘re in the right place!

Hey, I‘m Crystal Wagner, life coach, homeschool coach, and recovering control freak. At one time, I thought I had to do it all. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. Imagine a rubber band pulled too tight and ready to snap, and you’ll get the picture!

When I started living according to my values and making tough choices about how to invest my time, I noticed a shift in our home atmosphere. Then, I learned a concept that changed our lives forever! I learned how to be a thermostat instead of a thermometer. I started practicing EQ (emotional intelligence) even before it was cool.

We had more margin, our days were smoother, my responses were calmer, and we loved hanging out together as a family. The tone of our home helped each member of our family thrive!

Get ready to learn new concepts, review ones you’ve forgotten, and overcome common obstacles to cultivating a thriving home atmosphere. Let’s dive in!

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What podcast listeners have to say

  • I'm so glad I found your podcast. I have been using the concept of being the thermostat in my home to try and set a peaceful tone with my family. It is such a simple idea, yet it really does apply to me as so often I find myself reacting and escalating the situation rather than helping my children by remaining calm. I really enjoy your perspective and listening to your podcast!

  • Principles and practicalities. I like the fact that Crystal combines principles with practical applications. She's clear about her vision and gets straight to the point. I find it a refreshing addition to the homeschool podcast world!

  • This one stands out among the other homeschool podcasts! I’m loving this addition to my podcast queue! I listen to lots of homeschool podcasts, but this one stands out with practical suggestions and on-time encouragement for a mother trying to love her people well while implementing a CM education in her home. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned thus far, but looking forward to much more!

  • Refreshing encouragement. Thanks, Crystal for a great podcast focusing on real-life tips for the homeschool mom.

  • Gentle and practical Crystal’s approach to homeschooling and parenting is gentle, practical and life-giving! Thank you, Crystal, for this helpful resource!

  • A must for homeschool moms! Crystal has such a welcoming voice and presence. She delivers encouragement and value for the homeschool mom. Her passion shines through in the podcast. Highly recommend!!!

  • Just what I needed to hear! Crystal is encouraging, refreshing, and real! I really enjoy listening to all of her podcasts.

  • So encouraged! I have no doubt that the Lord led me to this podcast during a season of feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged! Crystal gives very practical examples to help the homeschooling experience be more enjoyable, efficient, and successful.

  • Love the encouragement!! I felt such a sense of community as I listened to these episodes! Homeschooling can be very intimidating and overwhelming but multiple times I’ve heard keep it simple and go slow. It has really eased my anxiety about getting started!! I have absolutely loved this podcast!

  • Helpful and reassuring! So happy I found this podcast. I just decided to homeschool beginning this next school year, and I am nervous to say the least. I started with the first episode and am nearly caught up - I love the advice and the reassurance that I CAN do this.


Are you ready to cultivate a thriving home atmosphere?
Take your first step today!

Step 1: Get control of your day

Homeschooling is time-consuming, but it is possible to balance your responsibilities and still have time for yourself!

Step 2: Manage your emotions

You can manage your emotions and increase your emotional intelligence instead of allowing them to manage you!

Step 3: Cultivate relationships with your children

Develop deeper and more trusting relationships with your children so you can be an influence in their lives.

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