Recognizing the needs of our children can be one of the hardest things we do as parents and home educators. In this episode, Latoya Edwards reminded us that when we take advantage of small moments of time to center ourselves by spending time with God we are able to be more observant and aware of our children’s needs. She shares practical tips from her own life of how you can make the most of the small moments you have during your day.

What we talked about

  • There is no one right way to have a personal quiet time. You need to find what works for your current situation and time constraints.
  • The three questions she asks herself as she considers their homeschool schedule. Hint…she thought they would do more lessons together but realized her sons’ different interests and abilities needed different approaches. She focused on helping them achieve their goals, not goals designed for others.
  • The benefit of investing in your own spiritual disciplines so you can more clearly see the needs of your children. The problem is not always academic. You need discernment to see the big picture.
  • Why she focuses more on relationships than academics. As difficult as it is, she is willing to let go of her plans and agenda to help her sons achieve their potential and make sure they know mom is always willing to listen.

What advice would you give to a new homeschool mom?

Grace for yourself.

Patience for your children.

Grace for yourself. Patience for your children. (Latoya Edwards)

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