Does this sound like you?

  • You desire richer relationships with your children.
  • You want your parenting approach to mature with your children.
  • You want your children to look forward to spending time with you.
  • You want to continue being an influence in your children’s lives.

You can continue to be an influence in your children’s lives!

When my children were in elementary school, I was a little afraid of the teenage years. I had heard so many parents say they were dreading the teenage emotions and challenges that come with kids growing up.

I knew I didn’t want that, but I wasn’t sure what to do instead.

God was faithful. He knew I wanted a better way. He knew I wanted to look forward to the teenage years and to cultivate a home atmosphere that would have a generational impact.

Over many years, I discovered books and articles talking about how it was possible to develop deeper relationships with your children and continue to have an influence in their lives as they mature into young adults.

And then, I discovered empathic listening and the coach approach. As I went through life coach training, I developed the skills of being present in the moment and listening with my whole being. I started applying those skills in my interactions with my children, and I noticed a big shift in our home atmosphere.

My approach had to change as they matured; it couldn’t stay the same as when they were young. I had to let go of control. I moved along the parenting continuum from control to influence.

My children felt seen, heard, and loved. They were more open to my thoughts and suggestions. And we had fewer struggles and stress.

We looked forward to spending time together as a family. They asked for one-on-one dates with us. As we developed our relationship, trust grew, and so did our influence.

I want you to have the opportunity to have an influence in your children’s lives and cultivate your relationship with them. In these podcast episodes and blog posts, I share what I’ve learned about laying a foundation in the early years, investing in your relationship, and letting of control.

Would you like to connect with your children in five minutes a day? Take the Nightly Five Challenge! By asking your children five simple questions, you can hear what’s going on in thier lives, earn their trust, and help them process their day.

In this challenge, you’ll learn

  • Key points to keep in mind so that your children will be more likely to open up and talk with you.
  • Tips for helping your children think through the questions so they can process their day.
  • Suggestions for putting your own spin on this powerful tool so that it works for your unique family situation.
  • How to make time for the Nightly Five so you don’t feel like it’s one more thing on your to-do list.
  • What to do if your children resist and don’t want to participate.

Want a little more help?

Sometimes we need to talk through what’s working and where we are struggling.

That’s where coaching can help. During a coaching call, we can explore what you want your relationship with your children to be and what might be holding you back. As you gain awareness of the situation, you will be able to view it from a bird’s eye view and make decisions about how to move forward and improve your relationship with your children.

Book a free Discovery Call, and let’s discuss your next step in developing a deeper and more trusting relationship with your children so you can be an influence in their lives.

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