Preview: How can you use virtual meetings in your homeschool? Check out these fun and creative ways you can utilize virtual meetings in your homeschool.

Virtual meetings have skyrocketed! 

And no wonder. Virtual meetings allow us to connect with others all around the globe. You can practice speaking Spanish with someone in South America, play a game with a friend in Europe, or take part in a book club with friends from many states.

But how can you use virtual meetings in your homeschool? Beyond the obvious answer of taking an online class, there are lots of fun and creative ways you can use this technology.

And the best part is that it you can keep it simple and hassle-free. 

Or, if you are feeling a little more tech-savvy and want to get creative, the sky’s the limit. 

This might even spark a lifelong interest in technology-related endeavors for one of your children.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 fun and creative ways you can use virtual meetings in your homeschool.

10 Ways to Use Virtual Meetings in Your Homeschool

1. Invite a grandparent to class.

Public schools have a grandparents’ day, so why not invite your grandparents to your homeschool? This is particularly helpful if grandparents live in a different town.

Let them listen in to a read-aloud or tell a story from their childhood that relates to something you are studying. I bet they will enjoy learning along with you!

2. Host a book club.

Hosting a virtual book club is a convenient way to connect with friends who live in a different town. Hosting a virtual book club allows you to connect with those friends in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

3. Learn about geography or nature of a different location.

Take a virtual geography walk or virtual nature study walk with another homeschool family and take turns showing each other around your neighborhood or yard. You could enhance your virtual nature study walk by sending a nature study kit ahead of time. Package up nature items that are unique to your area in an egg carton and mail it to your friend so they can see and touch the nature items you have in your area as you show them the items in your yard. If you do send a nature study kit, be sure to dispose of the items properly. The best way to do that is to burn them so you do not introduce a non-native plant to your area that might become an invasive species.

4. Practice a foreign language.

Another option would be to practice a foreign language. You could have a conversation with a friend who lives in another country. Or, you could take a foreign language lesson from a native speaker through a service such as iTalki.

5. Take a class.

There are many online class options available to learn an academic subject or hobby. Whatever you want to learn, you can find an online class!

6. Create a living history of a grandparent or older friend.

Another way to get grandparents involved in your homeschool is to create a living history of them. This one requires a little more technology, but if you can navigate virtual meetings, you can handle this too. You may need to help grandparents set up the technology on their end.

Use a virtual meeting service that allows you to record the meeting. Then ask questions and record the conversation. You could use a service such as to transcribe the recording, or you create a video to share with the rest of your family.

7. Watch science experiment demonstrations.

Another way to use virtual meetings is to watch science experiments and science demonstrations. Search online for science experiments, and you’ll find many options to watch.

8. Have your child read to a grandparent.

A child who is just learning to read or trying to build his fluency could read to a grandparent through a virtual meeting. Then, the grandparent could read a book to the child. Sometimes just taking mom out of the picture, eases stress for children because they don’t feel the need to perform.

9. Host a recitation night.

Recitation is reading beautifully to convey the idea that the author wants to be conveyed to the audience. Your child could read a poem, a passage from a book, or a Bible verse. Many children memorize what they’re reciting because they spend so much time practicing how to read it well that they memorize it, but memorization is not a requirement for recitation.

You could have your children prepare all month for a recitation, then invite grandparents or friends to join you on a virtual meeting for a recitation night. Children are often nervous during their first couple of recitation nights because they’re not used to speaking in front of a group. Many adults struggle with this too. Over time, they will become more confident and less nervous.

10. Have them narrate to a grandparent.

Your children could narrate to a grandparent instead of narrating to you.

Virtual Meeting Options

  • Zoom
  • Amazon Chime
  • FaceTime
  • Facebook Rooms
  • Instagram Rooms
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype.

Each of these platforms has different benefits and drawbacks. When considering which option to use, consider if you will need to record the session, how many people will join you on the meeting, and if there is a time limit for the meeting.

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